Grilled Mushrooms and Summer Vegetables

Grilled mushrooms and vegetables
Grilled mixed vegetables including mushrooms

What could be more tempting on a summer’s day than a platter of grilled vegetables?  Even people who aren’t usually keen on vegetables and don’t like eating salads will tuck into these savoury Mediterranean vegetables.  Surprisingly easy to prepare, either on a BBQ or in a grill pan, this is one of those recipes that you can adapt according to what is available.  Remember, the secret to success with simple recipes is to start off with the best ingredients possible so chose your vegetables carefully.

Ingredients for 2-4 people (adjust according to taste and numbers)

1 red pepper (capsicum, bell pepper)

1 yellow pepper (capsicum, bell pepper)

1 orange pepper (capsicum, bell pepper)

1 green pepper (capsicum, bell pepper)

1 big red onion

2-4 portobello mushrooms or 6 crimini or large button mushrooms

1 long aubergine

2-3 young courgettes

4-8 small ripe tomatoes

For the Marinade:

Olive oil

Juice of 1 fresh lemon

sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

oregano or thyme



Wash, dry and core the peppers.  Cut them into quarters so that they are flat pieces. Put them into a big bowl.

Peel the skin off the onion, cut off the roots and cut the onion into quarters.  Separate out the layers and set aside the very small inside bits for another purpose. Add the larger pieces to the bowl of peppers.

Wipe the mushrooms to remove any bits.  If you are using crimini or button mushrooms, they lie flat better if you cut them in half.  Portobellos you can lay flat on the grill. Add to the peppers and onions.

Wash the aubergine and cut off the stem.  Slice it length wise into long strips and add to the bowl of vegetables.

Wash the courgettes and cut them into long strips.

Wash the tomatoes and cut them in half if they are thick.


Whisk together 3 tablespoons of olive oil and the lemon juice and pour this over the vegetables in the bowl.  Stir carefully so that they are completely coated.

Preheat a cast iron ridged grill pan or make a charcoal fire.  Grill the vegetables on both sides, turning them as soon as the stripes appear and brushing them with any remaining lemon and olive oil mixture.  Season them with the salt, pepper and herbs immediately before serving.  Serve hot or at room temperature.  Any leftovers make a tasty vegetarian sandwich filling.

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