Quick Mushroom Bhaji

Quick Mushroom Bhaji

June 20, 2017 adriana 0

Bhaji can mean a spicy vegetable fritter or a spicy vegetable saute.  This recipe is for the latter type of dish.  Serve as part of […]

Sesame seeds

Sesame Mushrooms

November 27, 2016 adriana 0

The sesame oil gives an oriental slant to this dish. Available at good grocers and Asian food stores. Go with the theme and sprinkle a […]

Mushroom Ragout

November 27, 2016 adriana 0

This mushroom ragout recipe is a perfect side for grilled steaks or chicken breasts. Place a heaping cup of it on a plate and top […]

Oat Mushroom Patties

November 26, 2016 adriana 0

 A tasty heart-healthy option for vegans and vegetarians that even carnivores will enjoy.  Serve with the dip of your choice. Ingredients: ¾ lb of mushrooms, […]